Be Mine: Valentine’s Day Outfit Du Jour

Be Mine
 I’m currently in New York and was supposed to return back to Orlando to be with my Valentine, but it looks like I’ll be here for 5 more days since my return flight was booked wrong. O’well, I love this city so I’m not even going to complain. However, I did have an outfit all planned out but of course I didn’t bring it. Instead, I saw this picture and created a faux Valentine’s outfit! This is such a cute and flirty look for both New York and Orlando weather. I’m not particularly big on red but it is the quintessential color for Valentine’s Day! So not to over do it, I added a blush pink belted skater skirt and black ankle booties. I accessorized with a crystal clutch and Fiona earrings from Stella & Dot. They are both so feminine and beautiful that I couldn’t resist to add it for flair. Of course, a floppy hat just makes the outfit more chic. So what are you wearing for Valentine’s Day?

Work It Wednesdays: Powder Pink Chic

Matador chic with Mango

Matador chic with Mango by jelena-stanojevic featuring a box clutch

A while ago I came across this very picture and I was in love with this chic look. It had all of my favorite elements; the colors, the fit, the “swag” and I had called this, Femme Swag! Though I am quite tired of the word “swag,” I just had to use it! Well, in the midst of getting a similar look, I figured why not post this for Work It Wednesdays! This is a masculine look with a feminine feel that I love and can be very chic for the workplace. Do you agree?

Men’s Fashion: Wingtip Oxfords

jeans-wingtip-boots-men-roll-up-e1358894797307Via Trashness

A while back, I was speaking with a male stylist and of course, it was great to get some insight about men’s fashion from an actual man. Although, men are more concerned with comfort than women, we both agreed that wingtips or brogues should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe. Especially, those that are in camel, cognac or light brown leather. It’s a great neutral color for many looks and seasons. There are more wingtip oxfords that are coming out now that have a feel of a sneaker, but looks like a shoe. For example, designer Cole Haan, has amazingly paired Nike soles with a hard bottom shoe design. So now you have the option to look sophisticated and have comfortability! So if you don’t have a pair, I highly recommend in investing in a pair or two. No excuses! They can be found in all sorts of colors and in stores such as Aldo, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and more.


Trend Report: Midi Rings


When I first engaged in Instagram, I began following a lot of fashionistas/bloggers from overseas. Mainly from Italy and Brazil such as bloggers, Thassia Naves and Chiara Ferragni. Their styles are impeccable and quite inspiring. While here in Orlando, we don’t get much fashion inspiration unfortunately. We’ve come a long ways and I don’t expect Orlando to become a fashion hub but we have lots of potential!

One of the trendy items that are seen on these bloggers and even celebs like Rihanna are the mini rings also called midi rings.These really caught my eyes! They are cute and worn above the knuckle or fingertips. I couldn’t find any for awhile, until it popped up in my local Urban Outfitters. Talk about excited! Well I got my first pair and I just want to collect so much more, especially the bow tie or love ones.

042412-midi-rings-lead-440-e1335447857746via Lepotaiz & Dravlje


Work It Wednesday: Work Style

Work Style Files

Work Style Files by iheartvaleriajo featuring studded belts

From wearing hospital scrubs to now enjoying my freedom to choose what I want to wear has definitely changed my perception of fashion in the workplace. I say, ditch the mundane white button down shirt and plain skirt. Pair your outfit with accessories, prints and colors! Unless of course, your workplace has a strict dress code. If not, take full advantage and work it!

Trend Report: Spring In Bloom At The Golden Globes 2013



Ok, it may just be me but did these leading ladies all get the same memo? I know that Spring is almost in bloom but the mermaid dresses? Almost all the dresses that hit the red carpet was in this cut and it is all apart of the trend this coming season. Needless to say, I adore the color schemes and I think these ladies look stunning. From Jessica Alba’s Oscar de la Renta melon silk gown to Amy Adam’s pale, ballet slipper pink Marchesa gown. This season’s future looks bright!

Men’s Fashion Mondays: Colors of Spring


Don’t be afraid of color, embrace it! Colors of Spring don’t just apply to women’s fashion, it is blossoming in men’s fashion as well! I love, love, love Spring and it’s color palettes. Just so refreshing and far less depressing than the colors in Fall or Winter such as the simple black or shades of grey. Although I do love the two, in Spring I am seeing so much more gradient of colors in men’s fashion than before and it’s exciting. Also, pleasing to a fashionista’s eye but men are you ready to start rocking them if you haven’t already? Well, let’s just see!

“Similar to the women’s palette, the menswear colors for spring emphasize the need for balance with soothing neutrals accented by an array of energizing brights. As the name implies, Tidal Foam is reminiscent of the sea washing onto the shore, driven by the force of the waves. With its slight hint of green, it’s this spring’s answer to khaki as the perfect neutral. Emerald remains a powerful and brilliant jewel tone, perfect for men’s accessories and sportswear.Grayed Jade, a subtle, hushed green, as well as Dusk Blue, reminiscent of the calming tones of an evening sky, both act as staple, yet novel neutrals.”

Read more: Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2013 – Dexigner

Introducing The Hommes: Men’s Fashion


I have always admired men’s fashion but never had the time to really delve into it, until recently. As I’ve mentioned in my earlier post, New Year, New Look, New You, I am doing image consulting and not just for women, but for men as well. I’m quite excited to introduce the hommes [French] for men, to {la femme} Meets Fashion. It was a decision made after receiving several requests from men to help their image and style. With Fashion Week around the corner, I thought it’d be a perfect time to start blogging about men’s fashion. So here it is, an introduction in the form of a fabulous post to keep my readers abreast of the trending fashions to be had by men.